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Beer Foods

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Beer Foods:

Beer Infused Cigars, Sauces & Mustards:

Oskar Blues: (CO)

Dales Pale Ale Chipolte Hot Sauce

Old Chub Cayenne Hot Sauce

Mama Yella Hot Sauce made with Serrano peppers

G'Knight Mango and habanero Hot Sauce

Ten Fidy Limited edition small batch Hot Sauce made with Ghost Chile (Extreamly Hot)

Ten Fidy Hops and hefers steak sauce

Deviant dales mega melaguta hot sauce

Mama's sazz hoppin honey siracha sauce

Old Chub 3 chili chipolte Sauce

Stone Brewing: (CA)

Arrogant Bastard jalapeno Hot Sauce

Double Bastard Double Burn Habanero Hot Sauce

Oaked Arrogant bastard chipolte Hot Sauce

Smoked Porter and pasilla pepper BBQ Sauce

Cali-belgique mustard

Sublimely self righteous Mustard

Pale ale mustard

Stone Bones Dog Bisciuts

Sierra Nevada: (CA)

Pale Ale Honey Spice Hot Sauce

Porter Spicy Brown Mustard

Stout & Stone Ground Mustard

SeaDog Brewing: (ME)

Stone Ground Beer Mustard

Bar Harbor Brewing: (ME)

Stone Ground Beer Mustard

Ballast Point Brewing: (CA)

Bloody mary Mix

Mai Tai Mix

Boulevard Brewing: (MO)

Pale ale Mustard


Centenial hop flavored Cigar

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