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16 Jul

Brewery Spotlight: Night Shift Brewing Featured

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Brewery Spotlight: Night Shift Brewing

Being one of Boston Newest breweries, Night Shift brewing has come out of the gate on fire. In the last few months they have quickly become one of the fasting growing breweries and most definitely a staff favorite here at Redstone Liquors. Their passion and innovation definitely show through their beers. Below you will find a brief description of their mission statement and a bit on each one of their offerings: Swing by Friday the 20th of July from 4-7 to sample their beers with one of the brewers. You will be glad you did.



Night Shift Brewing is three friends who turned a passion for nocturnal brewing into our profession. Started in a Somerville kitchen, we now brew at our Everett, MA nano brewery. Fusing unique ingredients into an array of rich, complex flavors, we present and pour our small-batch creations throughout Greater Boston. Our mission: the innovation and sharing of memorable craft beer.

Trifecta:·Belgian-style pale ale fermented with 3 Trappist yeast strains and aged on vanilla beansThree distinct Trappist yeasts – one earthy, one fruity, and one spicy – combine to produce the unique personality of this Belgian-style pale ale. Zesty hops, gentle malts, and a few vanilla beans provide a crisp, smooth profile, while the trio of yeast strains ferment the beer into an elegant harmony of flavors. From chaos, comes Trifecta.

Bea Tea:·Wheat ale brewed with sweet orange peel and orange blossom honey. Aged on organic, loose, gunpowder tea leaves from Mem Tea imports·Bee Tea is our cross-pollination of two classic beverages – green tea with honey, and the Belgian-style wheat ale. Strong aromas of orange and honey lead into a flavor that’s soft, sweet, and sophisticated. A dry, herbal finish comes from aging the beer on organic loose green tea

Taza Stout:·Stout brewed with chicory root and ginger. Aged on cacao nibs from Taza Chocolate·Taza Stout is lavish comfort in a bottle. During the boil, we add roasted chicory root and ginger, creating coffee tones lightened by a refreshing yet subtle spiciness. After fermentation, we age the beer on organic roasted cacao nibs from Somerville-based Taza Chocolate. The result is a rich and lively chocolate finish that perfectly complements the elegance of our estery Belgian house yeast.OUT FOR THE SUMMER - We love the Taza Stout, but with such limited space at the nanobrewery, we're spending our summer months brewing more weather-appropriate styles. Taza Stout will likely reappear once the chillier weather does.

QUAD RESERVE:·Belgian-style quad ale fermented with brown sugar and Shiraz grape juiceAged for 60 days in fermentation, this stately ale pours a deep brown tinged with hints of purple. Its blackberry fruit aroma heralds the rich notes of cherry, plum, and spicy grapes that follow. Traces of dark chocolate linger in the finish. Resist temptation to drink immediately, and you’ll find reward in letting our Quad Reserve grow and evolve over time.·Reserve Series: The Quad Reserve is the very first beer in our NSB Reserve Series. Literally, we suggest you reserve at least one bottle aside for opening on a future date. As with any bottle in our Reserve Series (this is the only one for now, but more are coming!), the longer you can reserve it, the better it will be. Really, we just like to test your patience.

Somer Weisse:·Berliner Weisse style sour ale brewed with lemongrass and gingerIts name honoring our Somerville homebrewing roots, Somer Weisse began as our answer to a hot July without air conditioning. A few twists on the classic Berliner Weisse style led us to this quencher of thirst. Refreshing and tart, it sprinkles the tongue with the zesty flavors of lemongrass, ginger, and, most importantly, summertime.

Viva Habanera:·Rye ale brewed with agave nectar and aged on habanero peppersABV: 7.0%Brewed with rye malts that bring their own natural spice, this invigorating cerveza gets its zesty kick and peppery flavor from habanero peppers that we add after fermentation. Agave nectar, produced in Mexico, helps to sweeten and lighten the body, while our Belgian house yeast strain tempers the beer’s fiery disposition.

*info furnished via www.nightshiftbrewing.com

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