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12 Nov

Angels Envy Bourbon (exclusive Redstone Liquors Blend) Featured

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Angels Envy Bourbon (Exclusive Redstone Liquors blend)



Created by Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, Angel’s Envy is worth coveting. Aged up to 6 years in charred white oak barrels and finished in ruby port wine casks, Angel’s Envy is an artisan’s masterpiece unlike any other bourbon.

Here at Redstone Liquors we could not agree more, thats why when given another chance to create our own custom blend of Angels Envy we jumped at the chance to put our personal touch on what we think is one of the best whiskeys we carry. For a limited time you can get a unique Redstone Liquors version of Lncon Henderson's Angels Envy. We were given three samples(different from last yeard blend) that were finishd in port barrels for different periods of time and got the opportunity to fine tune a blend that we thought was great enough to put our name on. Each bottle will bare our name along with the percentage of each sample that was used to create our blend of Lincons masterpiece.

Last years blend got great reviews and sold out quick so take advantage of this opportunity to own a bottle of this years unique bottling.

Recognized by Malt Advocate, The Bourbon Review and Maxim as one of the top spirits released in 2010, Angel’s Envy is positioned as the world’s premier super-premium bourbon brand.


Beyond all the press, Angel’s Envy is Lincoln Henderson’s passion — a career culminating in two fingers of the finest bourbon you’ve ever tasted. To call Angel’s Envy “small batch” is an understatement.
Our bourbon starts with the native Kentucky climate and soil in which our corn and rye are grown, and a pristine limestone watershed rich in calcium and magnesium. These local ingredients are distilled and aged for four to six years in American white oak barrels. Because we want to create a genuinely unique spirit, we age it for three to six additional months in hand-selected port casks to create an exceptionally smooth and nuanced bourbon.
Mr. Henderson describes his masterwork as “a warm spirit, lacking any hint of edginess, with ephemeral hints of port wine and a rich amber hue.” He explains, “My goal with Angel’s Envy is to produce a bourbon of exceptional character. Even with economic fluctuations, consumers want the opportunity to treat themselves to special indulgences, and I have created an affordable luxury that can be savored.” Lincoln Henderson sought to create the best-tasting bourbon on the planet. In our humble opinion, he succeeded.
Shake the bottle. If you’re lucky enough, you might see something special. We like to call it “essence.” We don’t filter our bourbon. If you’re looking for a filtered bourbon, the shelves are full of them. Filtration can remove up to 20% of a bourbon’s flavor and color. We prefer to let our bourbon live in its natural state. If that means an occasional particle, we think you’ll understand.
But why do we call it Angel’s Envy? As bourbon ages in the barrels, it’s drawn into the charred white oak during summer months and it recedes back into the virgin barrels during winter months. For each year of maturation, 5% of the barrel’s bourbon is lost to evaporation. For generations, this precious lost bourbon has been called the Angel’s Share. After tasting his creation, Lincoln Henderson reckoned that the angels might have wanted a bigger cut. Thus, Angel’s Envy was born.

*info furnished via Angels Envy website

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