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Redstone Exclusive: Bordæux cask finished Towiemore Scotch Whiskey

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We are happy to announce the arrival of our first ever Redstone Exclusive scotch barrel!

We teamed up with the Lost Distillery to select a cask of Towiemore speyside blended malt whiskey. Our particular cask was finished in Margaux Bordæux barrels for a more weighty, complex mouthfeel. Redstone Liquors is the ONLY place you will be able to get this particular finish on a Towiemore scotch.

Who is the Lost distillery Company? The Lost Distillery Company is an independent boutique Scotch Whisky company. They are obsessive about their craft and uncompromising when it comes to whisky quality. Their mission is to create present day expressions of legendary whiskies that belonged to the craft of whisky distilling almost a century ago.

Towiemore originally opened in 1898 and closed in 1931 due to issues to their water supply. Their signature scotch has notes of Peach, vanilla, almonds and cream.

Our exclusive cask is limited to just 81 bottles. It boasts notes of dried fruits with raisins and bakers spice. Mouth is weighty and full bodied with notes of brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, dates, and white raisin. Hints of oak on the finish while lingering notes of allspice and nutmeg make you crave the next sip.

Bottles are $43.99/750ml and won’t last long, so swing by either of our locations to get your bottle today!




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