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Release Schedule/Info for Grand tasting on April 8th!

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Line(if any) for Tasting and Cookie Jar Raffle will start at 12:30pm (outside of the store). We will start checking IDs and granting admission promptly at 1:00PM  NOTE: if you are not tasting or wanting to draw from raffle you do NOT need to wait in any line!

Tasting hours are from 1PM-3PM ONLY but releases will be throughout the day per schedule below.

Pro Tip: Plenty of parking in the back of the shopping center (Our old location)

Union Square Donuts will have their POP up store cranking from 1:00 to 4:00pm


1:00pm is Cookie Jar time. Any person who gives a donation of $5 or higher to Shriners Childrens Hospital will get to place their hand in the “Cookie Jar”. This cookie Jar will have 75 raffle tickets. 24 of which will have names of various rare whiskeys, if you draw one of those names you get the opportunity to PURCHASE that item at MSRP.

NOTE: you have to be here at 1:00PM and one of the first 75 people for a chance to draw. Donations given earlier in the day are still appreciated as 100% will be given to Shriners Childrens Hospital.

Here is a list of those Cookie Jar Items: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (6), Hibiki 21(1), Yamazaki 18(3), Angels Envy Cask Strength(2), Bookers Rye(1), Thomas Handy(1), EH Taylor Barrel Proof(2), Weller 12(5), Parkers Heritage 24 year (2), Rock Hill Farms(1)

The following is a release schedule for all of our Special release items during our Customer Appreciation day on April the 8th. Items will be released for purchase at the time on the list (no sooner or no later NO exceptions 🙂

(note we don’t expect to but reserve the right to change any limits if any as we see fit based on supply/demand day of.)


Time: Item Store
9:00 Sazerac Rye Both
Firestone Bravo Both
Hibiki 12 Both
Tilquin Gueuze Stoneham
Prairie Coffee Nior

Crooked Stave Origins

Grey Sail Captain’s Daughter




10:00 Michters 10 Year Rye Stoneham
BA Ten Fidy Both
Prairie Vanilla Nior Stoneham
Jester King Boxers Revenge

Hill Farmstead/Blaugies La Vermontoise



11:00 Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine Both
Wicked weed BA french Toast Stoneham
Elmer T Lee Bourbon

Crooked Stave BA Nightmare on Brett



12:00 Lawson’s Super session Both
Weller Special reserve Bourbon Stoneham
Off Color Dino Smores Stoneham
Stagg Jr. Both
Tilquin quetsche Stoneham
Jester King Hibernal Dichotomous

Prairie Pirate Bomb



1:00 Idle Hands 4 Seam Stoneham Cookie Jar
Trillium The Streets plus other varieties to be announced day before Stoneham
Finback Intertidal Both
Tap Solar Plexus Both
Exhibit A Cat’s Meow Stoneham
Fort Hill Jigsaw Jazz Both
Prairie Bomb Both
Lamplighter Jackalope & Stardust Stoneham
Pipeworks Lizard King, Ninja Vs. Unicorn, Blood of the Unicorn, and close encounter

Crooked Stave Raspberry Nightmare on Brett



2:00 Old weller Antique Stoneham
Wicked weed chocolate black angel Stoneham
Tilquin Mure Stoneham
Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter

Trillium Coffee Pot & Kettle , Citra cutting tiles, DDH The Public House, Sprang



3:00 Firestone Walker Anniversary Stoneham
Yamazaki 12 Stoneham
Prairie/ Evil twin BA bible belt Stoneham
Jester King OlOi Stoneham
4:00 3F oude Gueuze Armand & Gaston Stoneham
3F Doesjel Stoneham
Evil Twin Michigan Maple Jesus Stoneham




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